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Is sex trafficking a real concern?

While everyone may not personally know someone who has become a victim of this modern-day form of slavery, the 2016 Global Slavery Index estimates that 57,700 people are victims of human trafficking. Read more.

Why should I be concerned about sexting?

When you send a sexually explicit image, you believe this pic will be kept private. This may not always be true. Often, when relationships end, someone gets hurt. A betrayed, or emotionally unstable person may look for revenge. When this happens that person may decide to share your private photos with others. Best advice, think twice before you send. Read more.

Why do people sext?

Sexting is a highly risky behavior and it may endanger your safety! While sexting is more likely to happen in a committed relationship, you may give in to the pressure to sext to avoid losing a person, or to keep them from getting upset with you. Read more.

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